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Message from President: Week of 10/13/20

By Kent Disch, 10/13/20, 5:05PM CDT


Dear Sun Prairie Soccer Parents-
Only a few weeks of Fall season left...a few notes to share as we start to wind down...
  • Sideline Reminders
  • SPSC Members Making Us Proud!
  • Amazon Smile Supports SPSC
  • Kick Cancer Shirt Pick Up
In the last few weeks, we have started to experience cases of COVID-19 within the Club. As of this writing, we have not had any positive COVID cases in players. However, we have had several cases of players who have had "close contact" with a person with an active COVID-19 case.
SPSC has policies and procedures to deal with COVID exposure and positive cases. If you are exposed or test positive, please let our Executive Director, Tony Markell know as soon as possible. We will then follow procedures by notifying players and Coaches, quarantining exposed players, and limiting the spread. Rest assured, we will not share names or any sensitive personal information.
Now that COVID is impacting the Club members directly, please do what you can do help us limit risk. This leads us to...
Sideline Reminders
As games continue, please remember...we all set an example for our players. How we act on the sidelines as parents and coaches shows our kids what we value and what is acceptable.
Please remember, we cheer our kids in a positive way, we don't engage with referees and we model the behavior we want to see from our players. That includes social distancing and wearing a mask.
SPSC Members Make Us Proud
I have coached and watched a handful of games over the last few weeks. From first-hand experience, I can say that I am SO PROUD of what I have seen from our supporters and our kids. I have witnessed some very bad examples of coaching and parent behavior from our opponents. Our parents and kids didn't follow the other team/coach and continued to take the high road.
Over the years, the players I have coached have heard me say this over and over and I'll share it with all of you, "We can't always be the best players on the field, but we can ALWAYS be the best people on the field." 
We have received feedback from opposing teams and referees about how well our sidelines are following COVID rules and how our coaches and kids are behaving during games. We are showing everyone how great our Club and our Community can be.
Also, we heard from folks at Fall River who mentioned they are impressed with how Sun Prairie teams have been leaving the fields in better shape than when we arrived. No messy bench areas and always cleaned up.
There is nothing better than hearing good things about our players and parents...KEEP IT UP!
Amazon Smile Supports SPSC
If you shop using Amazon, please click here to find out how to use Amazon Smile and delegate Sun Prairie Soccer Club as a beneficiary. Every qualifying purchase you make, Amazon will make a 0.5% donation to SPSC.
Please take a moment to set up your Amazon homepage and help SPSC while you shop.
Kick Cancer Shirt Ready for Pick Up
If you ordered a "Kick Cancer" shirt, they are ready for pick up a Razor Sharp, 227 East Main Street (across from Bank of Sun Prairie). Go grab your shirts and wear them on game days!
That is all for now. 
As always, please stay safe, informed, and healthy.
Kent Disch
Sun Prairie Soccer Club