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Message from President: Fall Plans Set

By Kent Disch, 08/28/20, 6:30PM CDT


Dear Sun Prairie Soccer Families,

We finally have some clarity for the fall season. This message will go over everything we know and your options for the fall session. Please take a few minutes to read everything over and understand the options for your player.

As I mentioned in previous messages, US Soccer and WYSA have approved full competitive games between Clubs. Due to Dane County-Madison Public Health rules, teams cannot play games in Dane County. Remember, WYSA runs Midwest Conference and State leagues while MAYSA runs our local leagues.

Earlier this week, MAYSA made the decision not run a fall league season. However, MAYSA is allowing all MAYSA Clubs to run training sessions that comply with Dane County rules. MAYSA is also allowing Clubs to schedule "friendly" games against other Clubs to be held outside Dane County.

The SPSC Board met earlier this week and has decided the following:

1) All SPSC teams will continue to train in Sun Prairie, in team-based, Dane County Public Health compliant sessions.

2) All State and Midwest Conference teams will play their league schedules, as provided by US Soccer/WYSA at venues outside of Dane County.

3) In addition to team-based training, SPSC will offer all MAYSA-level teams up to 4 "friendly" games at venues outside of Dane County. Friendly games are full, regular games but will not count toward any standings.

4) All in-house teams (U4-U8) will not play games and will continue to train. All in-house players will receive at 25% reduction on their full season dues.

5) Parents will have the option to "opt out" of participating in games and/or trainings for the fall season, with NO REPERCUSSIONS for the player and their spot guaranteed for spring season. Players who opt-out will not be charged for the fall season.

6) Parent decisions to opt-out, participate in training-only or participate in training and games will need to be communicated to SPSC by no later than the close of business on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

7) Due to the reduction in games, all non-MWC and state players who participate in training-only or both training and games will receive at 25% reduction of fees.

For example, if your fees are $150, you will be billed $37.50 for fall and $75 for spring.  Due to the full season being planned, MWC and State players will be charged full dues.

Okay, so here are some important details on each point from above.

Nothing will change regarding training. Your training will remain in Sun Prairie, will remain at your team's regular location and time.

Fields, Games and Game Locations
For all MWC, State and Friendly games, SPSC will work to find adequate fields for home games outside of Dane County and in counties where full competition is allowed.  This may require travel of up to 1 hour from Sun Prairie.

At the current time, Columbia, Green, Iowa and Jefferson counties are allowing games. We are working with MAYSA clubs in those areas to find fields. Some examples of locations we are looking at are Fall River, New Glarus, Columbus, Fort Atkinson, and Johnson Creek.

All Games will be run as usual, with WYSA COVID rules applied. For "friendly" games, these games are played as usual but do not count in any standings.

All MAYSA Clubs are in the same boat with us and many are also planning to schedule friendly matches outside of Dane County. MAYSA friendlies will be scheduled for mid-September through the end of October/early November.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON GAMES... we are moving forward with leagues and friendlies with the assumption our neighboring counties will continue to allow games. It is possible rules in neighboring counties could change and we will not be allowed to play games. As with everything else during the pandemic, we cannot guarantee all games will be played.

Parental Opt-Out and Pricing
As a Club, we want to give parents as many options as possible. As such, we will allow parents to choose the level of participation that best suits their comfort level.

Parents can choose to "opt-out" of all training and games. These players will not be charged for fall session. Any payments made will be applied as credits toward spring season.

Parents can choose to do "training only". This means your player can train with their team but will not travel to any league games or friendlies. SPSC will grant a 25% reduction on full-season dues for all players who opt for training-only.

Parents who choose either the "opt-out" or "training-only" options will have their player's spot on their current team guaranteed for Spring. I need to be clear here... THERE IS NO JUDGEMENT OR PENALTY FOR CHOOSING NOT TO PLAY.

Parents who choose to train and play will also receive at 25% discount on full season fees.

To best plan for friendlies and games, parental decisions for fall must be made by the end of the day on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. Your team’s coach will reach out and provide an opportunity to make your choice. If we do not receive a response, we will assume you are comfortable playing and you will be responsible for appropriate dues. No refunds will be provided to anyone who has not opted-out by this date.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON TEAMS... if enough players opt-out of games to make a team roster insufficient to play games, we will work to create a hybrid team to allow players to participate in games. This may require a player to participate with a different team than they train with. We will do our best to keep age groups and teams as whole as possible.

We will do our best to make sure the number of friendly games is as equitable as possible among MAYSA teams. We are working with many variables, including the availability of appropriate aged and skilled teams to play and field availability. 

So… I know that is a lot of information to take in. I also understand there will likely be a lot of questions. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at or our Executive Director, Tony Markell, at

As I have mentioned numerous times over the course of the pandemic, there is no playbook for how to handle youth sports during a global pandemic. As we have seen in the differences between WYSA and MAYSA, the WIAA and Big 8 conference and even the Big 10 and the rest of the Country, there is no clear guidance on how to handle sports participation.

The Board and I tried to provide as many options as possible for parents and players. We strongly believe you, as parents, have the ultimate right to make decisions on what your child does or does not do. We respect that and hopefully have given you an option that best meets your current comfort level.

As with everything else in these times, all our plans depend on a future that has shown a propensity to change at unheard of rates. The Board and I, as well as our staff, will continue to monitor the situation daily. If, and when things change, we will be in communication with you as quickly as possible.

Finally, I want to thank all of you again for your patience, understanding and feedback over the course of the pandemic. I have a feeling this fall will throw a few more curve balls at us and all of us at SPSC are thankful to know you will work with us and do what we can together.

As always, please stay safe, informed, and healthy.

Kent Disch
President, Sun Prairie Soccer Club