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Message from President: Fall Season Update 8/18

By Kent Disch, 08/18/20, 12:30PM CDT


Dear Sun Prairie Soccer Families,

Another busy couple of weeks of Zoom calls, emails, and phone calls to try to figure out what Fall soccer season is going to look like. We are getting closer and closer to some key decisions from WYSA and MAYSA. Let us get to the news...

First, most of our travel teams will begin training this week. You should have heard from your Coach about locations, dates, and times. These training sessions are designed to be compliant with Dane County Public Health COVID orders. We hope to have plans for in-house players soon.

Next, SPSC recently adopted COVID policies for training sessions and games. These are effective immediately.  The policies are attached to this email and are available at our website
Click to access.

These policies cover everything from what players need to bring to training to how we will handle a player or parent who has been exposed to COVID or tests positive. Please read these policies carefully. We are taking these rules seriously and will not allow players or parents to participate if they cannot follow the rules.

We have also created policies for how coaches must behave and control trainings and games. Our Coaches understand that player safety is our top priority and will be doing everything they can to keep our players safe.

We are counting on you, the parents, to help keep our trainings and games safe and compliant. Please talk with your player(s) about the new rules. Make sure they understand what is expected of them. 

We are all trying to do everything we can to minimize risk and it will take some time to get things running smoothly. However, please let us know if you see anything at trainings that makes you uncomfortable or does not seem to fit the new rules.

Next, WYSA has moved to Phase 3 of the US Soccer Return to Play plan. This allows for full competition between teams. Dane County Public Health, however, continues to prohibit soccer unless we can follow social distancing guidelines. 

MAYSA held a Zoom call last week for Club leadership and set August 24th as the deadline for when they will decide on a fall league season. 

With WYSA allowing games and MAYSA still waiting on clearance from Dane County Public Health, SPSC is in an odd position. It is possible we will have some teams that could play games while others cannot. Specifically, our State Level teams, which have leagues run by WYSA, will have league games scheduled as normal. MAYSA, most likely, will not allow league games but will allow training to continue.

If during the fall season Dane County changes their restrictions and allows games, then we can try and get in as many games as we can, possibly in blocks. We are also working on possibly having “friendlies” with neighboring MAYSA clubs who are not in Dane County, in case nothing changes, and games cannot be played here. These clubs may include Beaver Dam, Columbus, Watertown, Mt. Horeb, etc. and were already on most of our team’s schedules for fall. Friendlies are no different than league games except they do not count for any official standings.

For those of you with players on our U12 girls, U12 boys, U13 boys, U14 boys and U15 boys Union teams, keep an eye on email for messages from your Coach about how WYSA leagues will be handled.

For the rest of our membership, I expect we will move to a "training only" situation for fall. Again, these trainings will be fully compliant with Dane County Public Health orders. They will be team-based and in-person, so the kids will be outside, on the field and getting some exercise with teammates. 

The Board of Directors is working on what impact the training-only season will have on costs for each member. We are planning to have this information ready to share after MAYSA makes the final decision on the Fall League season.

Finally, it is my hope that if you are comfortable with your child participating in trainings, you will stay with us this fall. While we cannot promise an absolutely risk-free experience, we are doing everything we can to attempt to minimize risk while still providing valuable soccer content for your children. 

We do need everyone to complete the SPSC COVID-19 Waiver for EACH player that is participating by next Thursday, August 27, at which time players may not continue participating in trainings until the waiver is completed and returned to the club. The waiver is available on our website at this link and must be emailed to Please complete this waiver as soon as possible to ensure there is no interruption in your player’s training.

As always, we all appreciate your understanding and patience throughout all of this COVID craziness.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, I look forward to hearing from you at Please stay safe, informed and healthy.

Kent Disch
President, Sun Prairie Soccer Club