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Message from President: Fall Update 7/31

By Kent Disch, 07/31/20, 2:00PM CDT


Dear Sun Prairie Soccer Families,

Another week and another batch of important updates. There is still much we do not know, and we have not hit the point where we can say with any certainty if the fall season will be a go or not.

Before we get into the new information, I just want to remind members of the hierarchy of US Youth Soccer and how we interact with state and local government orders.

As a member of SPSC, we are all members of the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) and US Youth Soccer. As you might imagine, US Soccer sets the rules and guidelines for our sport at a national level, WYSA then adopts those rules and guidelines for Wisconsin specific competitions. MAYSA then adopts those rules and guidelines for local competitions.

In addition to the soccer-specific organizations, we are required to follow applicable federal, state and local laws. It is important to remember, this means we need approval from ALL of these organizations to return to play.

If this were a pyramid, the federal, state and local laws are at the top, with US Soccer next, WYSA and MAYSA, SPSC lower, and then the individual teams at the bottom.

Okay, with that in mind, here is where we stand:

US Soccer has approved a restricted return to play, including some full team competitions. This is Phase 3 of their five-phase Return to Play plan.

WYSA has released guidance to allow for intra-team scrimmages, but not full team or inter-Club competitions. They have also cancelled all tournaments in Wisconsin for the fall and will not allow travel outside of Wisconsin.

At this time, MAYSA has not made any decisions on local play. I attended a MAYSA leadership meeting yesterday and they are waiting on feedback from Dane County before they make any decisions.

While US Soccer and WYSA have authorized some scrimmage and game-based play, Dane County Public Health lists soccer as a "medium risk" sport and currently prohibits medium risk sports without social distancing.

Bottom line, at this time, we can hold trainings, but they must abide by Dane County's social distancing requirements.

Our Director of Coaching, Chad Wissler is working with our coaching staff to build plans for in-person, team-based trainings that will comply with Dane County orders.

Regardless of whether a league season is played, SPSC will offer in-person, team-based training this fall.

The Board of Directors and SPSC staff are working on costs for a training-only fall season. We should have those details completed soon.

The Board and staff are also preparing for a full season if Dane County and US Soccer/WYSA/MAYSA allow it. The only thing we know for sure is this season will NOT include any tournaments.

The Board and staff are working on what impact this will have on your fees for the season. Like last week, we know a bit more, but the unknowns still greatly outnumber the known.

Again, I want to thank everyone for your patience. Living in limbo is frustrating for all of us. I also want to thank you for your questions. I have had a chance to trade emails with several of you and I appreciate your input. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch at

As always, please stay safe, informed and healthy,

Kent Disch
President, Sun Prairie Soccer Club