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Message from President: Everything We Know Right Now

By Kent Disch, 07/24/20, 11:30AM CDT


Dear SPSC Families,

There is quite a bit going on with the impending start of fall sports season - this week has been very busy as decisions have been made by several high-profile groups which will likely have an impact if SPSC plays this fall. There is very little that we know right now and a significant amount we just don't know yet. So, let's get to what we know at this moment...

The facts are these:
· US Soccer has released guidance for full return to play
· Neither WYSA nor MAYSA have authorized a full return to play, yet
· Sun Prairie Schools have moved to online schooling until November
· The Big 8 Conference (covering all Madison and SP schools) have cancelled fall sports
· The WIAA (statewide high school group) has authorized fall sports to continue, with modifications
· Dane County COVID Orders do not allow soccer (medium risk sport) at this time without social distancing

Here is what we do NOT know:
· Will we play this fall?
· When will practices start?
· Will the game be the same or will it be modified?
· What happens if the season is cancelled?

Let's deal with the facts first.

While US Soccer has released guidance for full return to play, WYSA and MAYSA have not. We are being told to prepare to play in the fall. SPSC staff are working with that goal in mind. We are forming teams, creating contingency plans and creating protocols to allow a season to held with risk minimized as much as possible.

With Sun Prairie Schools moving to all online until November, their facilities will be closed. This means we cannot use any school district fields - think Royal Oaks, Westside, Bird, Northside, Creekside, Horizon, etc. This will have a significant impact on where we can practice and play.

The Big 8 Conference has cancelled all fall sports. At the same time, the WIAA has said fall sports can continue with some modifications, e.g., football must go to 7v7 to comply with COVID guidelines. These decisions are likely to have some impact on WYSA and MAYSA decision-makers.

This leaves us with the questions I sincerely wish I could answer for you...

We are planning to play in fall but I cannot give you a start date. This will likely be decided in the next few weeks. Once a return to play decision is made and a season start date is set, we can get game and practice schedules set.

As everyone knows, fall season brings with it the added difficulty of dwindling daylight later in the season. With the school district fields not available to us, our staff is working to figure out how we can hold practices and team trainings.

It is important to know, if we are not cleared to play full games, the SPSC Board and staff are working on plans to hold in-person team training that follows all applicable health and safety guidelines.

If a season is allowed to proceed, it is likely that some modifications to the game will be required. Depending on the age group, the number of players on the field could be reduced, throw ins may become "kick ins" and bench rules will likely be changed. We will share these new rules as soon as we get them.

As I mentioned earlier, if the season is cancelled, SPSC is working hard to provide an opportunity for the kids to train and compete together as a team. The board and staff are working on plans to make sure our kids can get plenty of in-person training with risk minimized as much as possible.

Also, as you have hopefully noticed, we have pushed payments out until August 15th in the hopes of avoiding the need for refunds. If you already made a payment in July, rest assured that it will be refunded if necessary. The Board and staff are working on plans for costs for a "training only" fall if the season is cancelled. Again, we will share that info as soon as decisions are made on the season.

Finally, this year marks the start of a new two-year jersey cycle for our U9+ teams. Please remember, jerseys ordered this fall will be used for the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons. If we don't play this fall, your child will still need a jersey for spring and next year.

This year also has seen our jersey provider change the process for ordering. Instead of "team ordering," every player is responsible for placing their jersey order. When you get an email from Stefans Soccer with your jersey assignments, please order your jersey/shorts/socks as soon as possible.

Okay... that was a lot. I understand there is frustration at the lack of answers at this point. I am anxious to get the answers too. Rest assured, we are doing everything that we can to provide answers and plan for a safe, fun fall of soccer.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, I am always available at

Please stay safe, informed and healthy.

Kent Disch
President, Sun Prairie Soccer Club