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Message from President: RTP, Registration & MOOYAH FUNdraiser

By Kent Disch, 06/08/20, 5:30PM CDT


Dear SPSC Families and Players, 
This edition of the SPSC President's Message is going to cover some important stuff, so I will dive right in. 
First, US Soccer has developed a five-phase plan to Return to Play (RTP). The entire document can be downloaded at I encourage all members and players to read it over. This document will be our guiding authority for the foreseeable future. We will be advised by WYSA when we can advance to further phases. We cannot go further than WYSA approves and we must adhere to any state or local rules as well. 
Last week, WYSA let us know that we can leave Phase 0, "Stay and Shelter" and move to Phase 1, "Individual and Small Group Training.” This means SPSC can start to offer training for groups of nine or less with some significant restrictions and conditions. 
Yesterday, our Director of Coaching, Chad Wissler held a test of what a Phase 1 training could look like. The kids were given plenty of space, Coaches were practicing social distancing and training was limited to mostly individual work, with some passing of the ball between sets of two players. 
Having watched this test run, we believe that in the next few weeks, with some modifications and a few increased safety precautions, we will be able to hold some summer camps and allow spring teams to hold some practices sessions. 
As I mentioned earlier, US Soccer has set a high bar for what we will need to do in order to hold practices safely. SPSC's staff and BOD will be discussing how we can meet and exceed those standards. When we are ready to go, we will let you know. 
If we are able to hold practices, I want to stress that they are not mandatory. As always, parents should make the ultimate decision on what they think is safe for their kids. If you are not comfortable with your child participating, please do not feel pressured. There will be plenty of time for soccer later. 
On to the 2020-21 season. At this moment, tryouts are still scheduled for older players. We are starting to work out how this may look with the new Phase 1 RTP protocols. The most important thing right now is to REGISTER ( We need to know how many kids at each age level are planning to come back so we can start working on getting plenty of space for tryouts, plenty of coaches and get kids evaluated. Please, register as soon as you can. 
Next, there have been several questions about the new spirit wear. The online store will be open again later this summer/fall. If you missed out on the first order, don't worry, there will be more opportunities. 
Finally, SPSC has a fundraiser night at MOOYAH this Thursday night from 4:00-8:00 p.m. Take the night off from planning and cooking dinner. Head to MOOYAH, grab some burgers and the Club will get a portion of the proceeds. You get some great food and help the Club...WIN-WIN! 
As always, if you have any questions about RTP, tryout or anything else, we are always available and to ready to help. 
Stay safe, informed and healthy! 
Kent Disch 
President, Sun Prairie Soccer Club