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SPSC Community Futsal

Our community futsal program is open to anyone 7 years or older. Participants do not have to be players in our club to participate, but rules apply for players of other clubs (see Rules section below).  Players are broken out into teams onsite and play 5-10 minute games on rotating courts. Games are supervised by adult volunteers, but no coaching is provided.

Why do we offer this program?

We are proud to offer this program because we believe in doing everything we can to help grow our game and provide a service to our community. Futsal is a fantastic game that teaches players to really develop critical skills, while also being a way to help keep our players active in a safe and inclusive environment. This program is available to anyone, and we encourage our peer clubs to come join in the games for fun and comradery in the spirit of teamwork and collboration.

How to Sign Up

To ensure participation records are accurate, participants may only sign up for one week at a time. Please see on our Dibs page next to each date. If your player plays up a year, they can participate in that time slot.


Time Slots

  • 7-9 year olds (8U-10U): 5:10 pm -6:10 pm
  • 10-12 year olds (11U-13U): 6:20 pm - 7:20 pm
  • 14 year olds and older (14U to Adults): 7:40 pm  - 9:00 pm


  • 1/5/24: Patrick Marsh Middle School
  • 1/12/24: Patrick Marsh Middle School
  • 1/19/24: Patrick Marsh Middle School
  • 2/2/24: Prairie View Middle School
  • 2/9/24: Patrick Marsh Middle School
  • 2/23/24: Patrick Marsh Middle School
  • 3/1/24: Patrick Marsh Middle School
  • 3/8/24: Patrick Marsh Middle School
  • 3/15/24: Prairie View Middle School

Equipment/What to Bring

All playing equipment is provided, but players are responsible for dressing appropriately for play and must wear shin guards at all times. Tennis shoes/sneakers with non-black soles must be worn. Be sure to bring plenty of water.


This program is designed to be a service we provide to our community and our game. This is not a platform for recruiting players and any form of player recruitment to/from other clubs is strictly prohibited. Players from other clubs are welcome to participate, but written approval from their club's DOC must be provided and emailed to prior to attending. If your player is registered with another club, you must note which one when signing up.

Players' safety is our number one priority. All participants must follow all instructions from our volunteers and are responsible for safe play. 

Each player must sign up via the online form we provide. The player's name, birth year, and club (if applicable) must be provided. If you sign up and something changes, please cancel your sign up. Be sure to select the correct age group when signing up.

We reserve the right to prohibit anyone's participation if these rules are not followed.

Volunteers Needed

We need two parent volunteers for the 8U-10U and 11U-13U sessions for each date. No soccer experience necessary Responsibilities will include keeping an eye on all players to avoid any unsafe behaviors.

Fosem Ferengo