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Frequently Asked Questions

Player Placement for U11+ Teams

Q: What is the difference between Union, Red and White teams?
Union is the top tier team in each age group, followed by Red, and then White (Developmental). Teams are formed after Tryouts in June. Our Director of Coaching places teams in leagues based on ability level and the best interest of the players.

Q:  My daughter did not make the top team and she’s devastated. What does this mean?   
A:  Much can change from U11 to high school and college soccer, with few exceptions; most U12 teams are not comprised of the same U11 players. Also, teams expand from playing 9v9 at U12 to 11v11 at U13. The best chance for your son or daughter to join the top team is to work hard to improve. All that said, player and personal development does not only happen on our top teams.

Q: My son currently plays U9 and is an incredibly advanced soccer player for his age. I feel he would be better off jumping to Competitive U11. How can I register him for higher level?
In order to maximize development, SPSC promotes individual players above their current age cohort (or to another gender group) by invitation, only. In order to receive an invitation, our Director of Coaching or one of our profession coaches must identify your son or daughter as a player who would benefit from promotion. If your son or daughter accepts the invitation, he or she would participate and be considered at Tryouts with the older cohort or other gender group. If your son is currently playing U9 and participating in a U9/U10 weekly professional academy, feel free to ask our professional coach after practice about what he feels is best for your son's or daughter’s development.

Q:  What role should parents have throughout team formation?  
A:  Make sure your son or daughter knows that you think the world of them no matter the results. Rather than overemphasizing the importance of being on the “top” team - make it a positive learning experience. 

Q: How are teams placed within MAYSA and WYSA?
A:  Teams are placed in MAYSA or WYSA depending on which placement is most beneficial to the player development of the majority of players on the team.

Why Choose Sun Prairie Soccer Club?

Q: There are so many “premier” clubs around Dane County. Why should my son or daughter play with Sun Prairie Soccer Club? 
A: There are many great clubs in Dane County. We think that we’re one of them. We have not won any State Cups, but we’ve had teams play in the highest levels of Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association. More importantly, we’ve been an enormously positive influence in the lives of thousands of children. Our focus on appropriately incorporating the developmental stages of children and young adults means that we are dedicated to serve the best interests of our players.

Q: Somebody approached me and told me to have my son or daughter tryout with another club. What should I do?  
‚ÄčA: The founders, administrators, coaches and members of SPSC want your child to be in the best situation possible for his or her growth as a soccer player and a human being. That’s why we work so hard to offer this wonderful sport to our community. If you feel your son or daughter is best served – emotionally or athletically – playing with another club, we completely understand and wish you and your child all the best. Always.

Sun Prairie Soccer Club Sponsors

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