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Competitive (11U-19U)

Starting at 11U, all teams are included in our Competitive program. These teams either play in MAYSA (regional travel) or in WYSA's State League (statewide travel).  Teams are formed during tryouts in June/July for the following league year, which includes a fall and spring season.

Each season has 8 games and teams also participate in 2-3 tournaments, depending on their level. Most games are held on weekends. In total, teams compete in about 28-36 games per year.

All teams have paid Coaches with varying degrees of licensing and experience. We are proud to have Coaches that have been serving players in our community for decades!

We have three levels of teams: Premier, Select, and Classic.


Tournament fees are included in the registration fees; however, uniform fees are not. No refunds will be given for missed tournaments.


11U 750.00
12U 750.00
13U 850.00
14U/15U 8th Grade 850.00
15U 9th Grade - 19U 600.00

State League / MWC Level

11U 925.00
12U 925.00
13U 1,000.00
14U/15U 8th Grade 1,000.00
15U 9th Grade - 19U 750.00


This is our most competitive level serving the highest skilled and committed players. Players receive mandatory training two or more days a week and generally compete regionally. Teams may choose to participate in additional competitions on an individual basis. Players are expected to participate in our offseason training programs.


This level features players that are more competitive and committed than those who are more interested in a recreational experience, and are generally aspiring to reach the Premier level.  Players receive two trainings a week and are highly encouraged to participate in our offseason training programs.


This is our more recreational level where players are looking to develop their skills and/or just want a more recreational experience with less commitment required. Players receive training two days a week and our offseason training programs are completely optional.