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Competitive (11U-19U)

Go to our Tryouts page to register for fall 2024

The league year goes from September 2023-June 2024.

Fall seasons begin in September and go until early November.

Spring seasons begin in April and end in early June.

Financial Aid is available

Refund Policy

Starting at 11U, all teams are included in our Competitive program and are transitioning from Phase 2 to Phase 3 of our Player Development Framework. These teams either play in MAYSA (regional travel) or in WYSA's State League (statewide travel).  Teams are formed during tryouts in June/July for the following league year, which includes a fall and spring season.

All players have opportunities to receive additional training in both winter and summer months through our winter and summer training programs, specialized training days with our Director of Player Development, and can participate in our free community futsal program.

Team Names and Expectations

Players will be organized into top teams (Red), followed by second teams (White), and then third teams (Gray). It is important to note that each level has different expectations from players in terms of commitment.


This is our most competitive level serving the highest skilled and committed players. Players receive mandatory training two or more days a week and generally compete regionally (either around Dane County or statewide, depending on the level). Teams may choose to participate in additional competitions on an individual basis. Players are expected to participate in our offseason training programs.


These teams feature players that are more competitive and committed than those who are more interested in a recreational experience, and are generally aspiring to reach the Red level.  Players receive two trainings a week and are highly encouraged to participate in our offseason training programs. Games and tournaments are generally around Dane County.


This is our more recreational level where players are looking to develop their skills and/or just want a more recreational experience with less commitment required. Players receive training two days a week and our offseason training programs are completely optional. Games and tournaments are generally around Dane County.

What to expect

Team Formation Based on recommendations from prior Coaches and performance during tryouts
Coaching Paid and licensed professional Coaches, assisted by volunteers or aspiring Coaches they are mentoring.
Practices Two per week, generally either Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays and ThursdaysTwo per week (three per week for State League), generally either Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays
Games 8 per season, 4 home and 4 away around Dane County/throughout Wisconsin for State League
Competition MAYSA or State League depending on the team level
Tournaments 2 included each season (4 total for the league year) for MAYSA level, 3 included each season (6 total for the league year) for State League


Fees includes the cost for tournaments, league fees, referees fees, coaching, etc. Payment plans are available. No refunds will be given for missed tournaments.

Uniforms are purchased from at an additional cost on a two-year cycle (Cost around $130). Current uniforms can be worn through spring 2024.

Age Groups

Age Group Birth Year Cost (MAYSA / State League)
11U 2014 $750 / $925
12U 2013 $750 / $925
13U 2012 $850 / $1,000
14U 2011 $850 / $1,000
15U 2010 $850 / $1,000
16U 2009 $600 / $750
17U 2008 $600 / $750
18U 2007 $600 / $750
19U 2006 $600 / $750