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Code of Conduct

In the spirit of the game

As a member of the Madison Area Youth Soccer Association (MAYSA), SPSC has adopted its Code of Conduct. Please read and support the following code to keep soccer flourishing in Sun Prairie!

MAYSA Code of Ethics and Conduct for Coaches, Players, Parents and Spectators 
MAYSA has a Code of Conduct for coaches, players, and parents/spectators. In general, each person involved with MAYSA activity is expected to keep our activities safe, fun and fair. 

The Madison Area Youth Soccer Association (MAYSA) Code of Ethics & Conduct is intended to help all members become the best they can be. MAYSA members include players, teams, parents, coaches, clubs and administrators. All are challenged to not only meet a high standard of sportsmanship, Fair Play and respect for the game, but to set a high standard regardless of the actions or behavior of others. 

All members are encouraged to be familiar with the FIFA Laws of the Game and any US Youth Soccer, Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association or MAYSA adaptations. In addition, all members are expected to show the utmost respect to referees at all times and abide by MAYSA’s Zero Tolerance Policy regarding abuse towards referees. Members need not agree with the decisions of referees but are fully expected to accept and abide by the decisions. 

Players & Teams 

  1. Shall be respectful to opponents, game officials, spectators and the field of play itself before, during and after every training or match. 
  2. Shall never use profane language, taunt opponents or attempt to injure an opponent in any manner. 
  3. Shall embrace the Spirit of the Game and the joy of competition over winning and losing. 
  4. Shall understand that the post-game handshake is an important symbol of sportsmanship and appreciation for the opponent and that it is mandatory. 


  1. All coaches and assistant coaches are required to have, and be capable of presenting to the game official, a Coach Pass issued by the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association. 
  2. Must have a full understanding of the FIFA Laws of the Game and any adaptations. 
  3. Shall emphasize the importance of participation, value of competition and player development over winning and losing. 
  4. Shall be familiar with the following policies: Club Pass, use of Guest Players and MAYSA’s No Recruitment Policy. 
  5. Are responsible for the actions of their players and spectators before, during and after a match. Coaches are expected to consistently ensure a safe and supportive environment for players on both teams and referees. 
  6. Shall be aware that only the team’s coach is permitted to provide feedback regarding referee performance. Further, referee feedback may only be provided via e-mail to MAYSA’s Director of Operations ( in a succinct and constructive manner. 

Parents & Spectators 

  1. Are encouraged to cheer for sportsmanship and good plays, no matter who makes them. 
  2. Will abstain from the use of tobacco products and alcohol in the areas immediately surrounding the field of play. 
  3. Will respect the team’s designated coach and minimize confusion among players by abstaining from coaching from the sideline. 
  4. Will interact in a cooperative and positive manner with the parents and spectators from the opposing team. 

Club Administrators, Directors and Other Staff 

  1. Will work cooperatively with MAYSA leadership and staff with respect to the registration of players, placement of teams, scheduling and other administrative duties. 
  2. Will actively help MAYSA communicate its goals and policies and meet deadlines. 
  3. Will promote the growth of soccer throughout MAYSA, irrespective of club affiliation. 

Any players, coaches, parents or administrators who violate the MAYSA Code of Ethics & Conduct or its intent may be subject to any or all of the following: a formal/written warning, suspensions ranging from a single game to a lifetime ban or other sanctions at the discretion of MAYSA Competitive Committee. 

SPSC and MAYSA reserve the right to apply the “Common Sense Rule” to any actions by players, coaches, parents and spectators and club administrators which may not be specifically addressed by the Code of Ethics & Conduct. The SPSC Board of Directors and Staff and the MAYSA Board of Directors and Staff will also be expected to hold themselves accountable to the MAYSA Code of Ethics & Conduct. 

Misconduct Toward Game Officials
Misconduct toward game officials is prohibited per USSF Policy 531-9. Any action falling under this category of conduct is under the jurisdiction of Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA). Should any claim of Misconduct toward game officials be substantiated, offending individual will immediately be suspended for three games and be subject to any additional sanctions and/or fines issued by WYSA.

No Tolerance Policy
MAYSA has created the No Tolerance Policy in an effort to decrease the abuse of referees. If a coach, player or fan is harassing a referee, the referee has the right to take the following measures to cease harassment:

  1. Go to the offending team's coach and ask them to control themselves or their personnel.
  2. If the problem persists after the above measure is taken, the referee may go back to the coach and ask the offending party to remove themselves from the game.
  3. If the problem persists after the above measures are taken, the referee may stop the game and the offending team forfeits. The MAYSA Board of Directors may then further sanction the offending team.

A referee should never approach an offending parent or fan. A referee should communicate with the coach only, and do so privately. If a situation occurs where the referee has to stop the game because of unruly behavior, they should complete the Game Report Form and send it in to MAYSA within 24 hours of the incident. In cases of Referee Abuse, information will immediately be forwarded to the WYSA State office for investigation and discipline decisions.

Participant Conduct
All coaches, team staff, players, and spectators are expected to understand and observe the Code of Conduct and MAYSA's No Tolerance Policy. Violations of the Code of Conduct should be reported, in writing, to MAYSA's Executive Director via regular mail, fax, or email. All documented reports of Code of Conduct violations will be kept on permanent file at the MAYSA office. Any action to be taken against any party as a result of reports made to MAYSA will be at the discretion of the Executive Director or MAYSA's Board of Directors. Some general rules of conduct to be observed by everyone:

  • Set an example of good sportsmanship and fair play.
  • There should be no abusive language or behavior directed toward players, the opposing team or the referee
  • All spectators, personal belongings, equipment, substitute players, and team staff should be at least 10 feet off the touchline.
  • No coaches, players, or spectators are allowed behind the goal.
  • Participants should behave responsibly at all times and respect the rights of others. This includes avoiding illegal parking, walking on neighborhood lawns, littering and/or excessive noise.

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