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Sun Prairie Soccer Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide the youth of Sun Prairie, and surrounding communities, a high quality and affordable program to learn and play the game of soccer in an educational, challenging, safe, and inclusive environment. We offer year-round programming from 3-18 years old for players of all skill levels and experience, from recreational to competitive play.

We focus on developing players at all levels, teaching technical and tactical skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, respect and fair play, while fostering an environment where players can enjoy the beautiful game of soccer.


All program are closed for fall 2023. Registration will reopen for spring 2024 this winter.


Take the SPSC Juggling Challenge!

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Become a Referee!

WisRef 2024 “NEW” Referee Course Instructions

NEW Referee courses are being offered by the Wisconsin Soccer Referee Development Program (WisRef) for a 2024 USSF Referee license expiring 12/31/2024. The successful Referee candidate will have the opportunity to officiate games for the fall of 2023 and all of the 2024 calendar year soccer seasons.

This course is for new, first time Referees that have not been previously registered as a Referee OR a previously registered Referee who has had a lapse in registration (2021 or prior lapse). Minimum age per US Soccer policy is 13 years old at the time of registering for the course.

WisRef & the WYSA have partnered in order to encourage players, parents, coaches and others to become a NEW Referee. WYSA is providing reimbursement of registration, course and background check fees for NEW or Lapsed Registration Referees (2021 or prior lapse) who successfully complete the requirements to become a US Soccer Referee for the 2024 registration period.

This is a 12 Hour Course

8 hours online US Soccer Learning Center course work (on your own)

Creation of a WisRef Assigning Platform account

4 hours WisRef In-Person on-field Session (with Instructors)


To Register as a 2024 US Soccer Referee

Check the NEW Referee course details in the US Soccer Learning Center for the dates/locations where the In-Person on-field Sessions will be held.

WisRef utilizes 2 platforms. Registration and learning are within the US Soccer Learning Center. Game assignments, after completing all requirements, will be in the WisRef Assigning platform. Steps, to be completed fully and in order:

1. Create a Referee profile in the US Soccer Learning Center: This profile or account is for the Referee, not the parent. Full name & mailing address is required; the name, address & primary email should be exactly the same as will be input into the WisRef Assigning platform. Please note that school email addresses are sometimes problematic, so should be avoided.

If you are 18 or older, you will be prompted to pay for and complete a 2-year background check and complete the SafeSport module. If you turn 18 during the course process or during a registration period, you will be required to complete the background check and SafeSport in order to continue refereeing during the seasons.

2. After you create your account, pay the $70 US Soccer 2024 registration fee and WisRef course fee. Register in the following 2024 NEW Referee Course:

3. Complete all the required assignments in the US Soccer Learning Center. Remember to log out if you take a break from the training and continually save your progress. Chromebooks are not always compatible, may not load, save, or display properly, henceforth, Chromebooks are not recommended.

4. Set up a game assignments account in the WisRef GameOfficials Assigning platform:

This account is for the Referee, not the parent. Full name & mailing address is required; the name, address & primary email should be exactly the same as was input into the Learning Center. Please make sure to save and double check to see that all information is listed, including full mailing address and a phone number. Please note that school email addresses are sometimes problematic, so should be avoided. There will not be any course work completed in the Assigning platform. It is only for game assignments once you have been registered as a Referee.

5. After completing steps 1 through 4, notify to choose a date/time to attend a WisRef In-Person on-field Session. You will be able to pick a Session date and time from the list in her email reply. Session dates/times are also listed in the course details when you register.

* The In-Person on-field Session time is 4 hours. Referee candidates are required to be actively present and participate for the entire session. These Sessions meet US Soccer requirements and failure to be present for the entire Session will result in full attendance not being granted and your certification will not be processed.

*Signing up for the In-Person on-field Session will be available after you complete the required Learning Center assignments and have created your WisRef Assigning platform account - steps 1 through 4 above. You cannot reserve a spot for the In-Person on-field Session until you complete these steps. If an In-Person on-field session is near capacity, there are no guarantees that slots will be available by the time you finish steps 1 through 4. We strongly encourage Referee candidates to compete their assignments in the Learning Center well in advance of the In-Person on-field Session they wish to attend. We reserve the right to cancel any scheduled In-Person on-field Session for low attendance numbers. Referee Candidates will then be able to choose another date/time to attend.

* The deadline for choosing the In-Person on-field Session is 48 hours before the start of the Session. WisRef requires course rosters to be set by this deadline. Please be diligent in completing the coursework and above steps if you desire a Session for a particular date and time.

6. Attend the selected In-Person on-field Session. The on-field Session will start in the classroom and may move outdoors (weather permitting) or will be held at an indoor field or gym for training so please dress accordingly. The In-Person on-field Sessions are interactive, and require active participation from all candidates.

7. Once you pass all the requirements, you will be certified by the WI State Referee Administrator as a 2024 USSF Referee. Your 2024 Referee badge will be mailed to you and you will be enabled in the WisRef Assigning platform for game assignments. Take this opportunity to make sure your mailing address is correct and consistent in both the US Soccer Learning Center and the WisRef Assigning platform. You will only receive one 2024 badge, which will be used for the fall 2023 season and all of 2024, so please keep it in a safe place.

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